I've updated nagiosgraph to include showhost.cgi by Robert Teeter as well as a variant of that called showservice.cgi, along with other changes. See SourceForge for the most recent release, since Matthew Wall has done quite a bit of fabulous work adding functionality.

A system to collect data from passive checks:

  • A shell script for running via cron that executes an NRPE command and saves the data for get_data.pl: run_passive_check.sh.
  • A perl script for running via NRPE that returns one row of data saved by run_passive_check.sh: get_data.pl.
  • A python base replacement NRPE client to run via cron that loads data via the Nagios command_file, including some of what's needed for a server: nrpe_client.py, which is now part of Shinken.

Nagios checks: