Tata Consultancy Services

April 2012 to present
Big Data Technology Specialist

Ithaka Harbors

June 2005 to February 2012
Senior Engineer
  • Lead Hadoop data warehouse engineer, using Puppet to deploy and manager Hadoop software on 2 clusters (23 systems and 15 systems), and Java Map/Reduce ETL developer for loading both daily and 15 years of historic web logs, enabling planning and reporting across the organization
  • Manage and upgrade Linux and Mac OS X desktop and server systems
  • Updated the Swatch realtime log monitoring system to have it automatically added firewall rules blocking addresses that attempt to break in to the servers
  • Install and upgrade Plone, Zope and Apache web servers
  • Maintain the git/gitosis, subversion and Trac environment used for software development
  • Provide technical support for Mac OS X
  • Developed a Shibboleth/Plone integration system, and presented it at the Internet 2 Fall 2007 Member Meeting
  • Provided technical support for the Research in Information Technology program of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
  • Installed, configured and maintained Asterisk VOIP systems, including the FreePBX web UI
  • Installed, configured and maintained Zimbra, Postfix, Spamassassin email systems

Securities Industry Automation Corporation

October 2004 to June 2005
Lead Design Analyst
  • Automated DisplayBook performance testing system with Python, PostgreSQL, XML and C++
  • Updated the DisplayBook Log Extractor system written in python
  • Updated the DisplayBook configuration test system written in OO-TCL


May 1999 to October 2004
Application Systems Manager
  • Managed staff of five database and two systems administrators responsible for over 100 production OSI banking databases, over 70 production Oracle Applications systems, over 110 test and conversion databases, and an Oracle 9iAS/Portal system on 16 production and 10 conversion, test, development, and disaster recovery systems
  • Performed capacity planning, maintenance scheduling, budgeting, hiring, documentation, and taught perl to staff members
  • Successfully completed disaster recovery testing at both Sunguard and COCC’s own backup center
  • Passed quarterly audits (federal, state and internal)
Senior Programmer
  • Installed and maintained 32 11.0.3 and 3 11.5.5 (11i) Oracle Applications systems
  • Automated the 11.0.3 to 11.5.5 upgrade process with Perl (DBD::Oracle and Expect.pm) and shell scripts, and upgraded the 11.0.3 systems
  • Installed and upgraded (Oracle 7.3.4 to 8.1.6) banking application databases
  • Installed and automated RMAN backup and recovery systems, and an export archival system
  • Successfully tested disaster recovery of databases and applications software
  • Set up and monitored production RS/6000 and Linux servers, including setting up Samba, NFS and Sendmail
  • Set up and tested HACMP failover clusters
  • Seveloped an automated test database refresh system, and a PHP based test database control system
  • Set up a CVS repository for AIX, Linux and database configuration files and support software
  • Compiled software for AIX and Linux, and packaged the software into RPMs for installation by the system administrators.

SNET Internet

November 1996 to April 1999
Internet Systems Development Engineer
  • Developed and maintained a Perl based, legacy system to Oracle database application with an HTML and JavaScript interface, which resulted in greater accuracy of the target database and reduced manual processing time
  • Developed and maintained a Java servlet, HTML and JavaScript interface, and perl cron job based hardware and software inventory system
  • Installed and maintained production and development Oracle 7 and 8 databases on Solaris and AIX including backup via Enterprise Backup Utility and Legato (Solstice Backup), and exports
  • Performed all phases of system administration for Sun Solaris, IBM RS/6000 AIX, HP HP/UX, Silicon Graphics IRIX, Linux, Compaq Windows NT Server and Apple Macintosh workstations and servers: installation, configuration, patches, backup, user support, and software porting and development
  • Installed and maintained TCP/IP services for internal use including Netscape Enterprise and Colabra servers, Apache web servers, DNS, Sendmail, IMAP, NFS, Netatalk, and Samba
  • Installed and maintained Apache web servers for external use.
  • Managed software repositories using CVS and PVCS


September 1995 to November 1996
Technical Specialist
  • UNIX system administrator: performed all phases of UNIX system administration for Silicon Graphics IRIX, Sun Solaris and Linux workstations and servers: installation, configuration, backup, user support, and software porting and development.
  • Installed and maintained TCP/IP services for internal and external use: Netscape Web, News, Proxy and E-mail servers, Sendmail, NFS, NIS and DNS
  • Analyzed Advo’s IP network needs and design an IP layout to enable use of Internet technologies within ADVO
  • Analyzed requirements for, installed, and maintained Silicon Graphics servers and disk array in support of PostalSoft applications, reducing turn around time through increased performance
  • Developed a Perl based CGI system for distributing mainframe derived and Oracle data to offsite sales staff

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

January 1992 to September 1995
Environmental Scientist
  • ARC/INFO based custom cartography, including AML and C programming
  • Geographic database administration
  • UNIX system administration: Data General Aviion DG/UX, Sun SunOS and Linux workstations and servers included installation, configuration, backup, and software porting
  • Wrote the Agency guide: Cartographic Symbolization and Design: ARC/INFO Methods
  • Environmental modeler, writing the first draft of the “Potential Human Index for Risk from the Environment” (PHIRE) human health risk estimation from environmental sources software system

The Pennsylvania State University

August 1990 to December 1991
Teaching Assistant

Frostburg State University

September 1989 to July 1990
Laboratory Assistant

Kiplinger Washington Editors

Intermittently from June 1983-August 1990
Accounting Clerk

United States Army

October 1984 to August 1998
Field Artillery Forward Observer
  • Sergeant:
    • Lieutenant Colonel's driver
    • Small Arms Inspector
    • Supervised maintenance of vehicles by soldiers.
  • Private First Class:
    • Armored vehicle and Jeep driver and vehicle maintainer
    • Radio/Telephone Operator.