As I no longer work for the United States Government and no longer do GIS/cartography, and am making these files available for public access solely for use and (hopefully) maintenance/development by others in the GIS area.

I wrote Cartographic Symbolization and Design: ARC/INFO Methods as my master’s thesis.

I collected a bunch of ARC/INFO AML files when I did GIS work, and wrote others.

InfoStats generates basic statistics by reading data directly from INFO.

InfoSed edit INFO data with a sed like command line.

InfoSort sorts INFO data.

MGD77 imports data in the Marine Geophysical Data 77 format into ARC/INFO.

I converted the 1990 Census Documentation to FileMaker for viewing directly in ARC/INFO’s help.

DOQtoPGM converts Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles to Portable Gray Map format.

I am not the author of geoeas, but have been asked if I new anything about it and where to get it (at least I knew where to get it 8-).


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