I got tired of dealing with the paper documentation that I had for the STF3a, PL94-171 and TIGER 92 data sets. So I took the text files available on the CD-ROMS, imported them into FrameMaker 3.1, reformatted them, added hypertext commands and put them in $ADOCHOME/census. I modified the master table of contents that ESRI provides with ARCDOC to include these data dictionaries. (I also changed the order of the table of contents to put the command references first, and to have the master table open new windows rather than replacing itself with the new document.) Any changes to the Bureau of the Census documentation — other than formats, hypertext, and User Notes 4-7 in the STF3A documentation, which I typed from the paper documentation — is unintentional. If/when discrepancies in content occur, always take publications directly from the Bureau of the Census as definitive.

PL94-171 (172053 bytes)
STF3a (900556 bytes)
TIGER 92 (994658 bytes)

Alan Brenner, formerly of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2, Environmental Services Division.